Videos 2019

Christian Miller Some Foundational Issues About Character

Geoff Goodwin Understanding the Perceived Structure and Importance of Moral Character

Elizabeth Boerger Relations Among Children's Understanding of Mind, Moral Self-Concept and Involvement in Prosocial vs. Antisocial Behavior

Jessica Sommerville The Development of Character in Early Childhood

Erik Noftle Stability and Change in Early Emerging Adulthood

Angela Duckworth Resisting Everything Except Temptation

Sara Konrath Dispositional Empathy as a Character Trait

Taya Cohen Character Traits in the Workplace

Matthias Mehl Eavesdropping on Character

Wiebke Bleidorn Loving Mum and Tough Career Girl

David Gallardo-Pujol Taking Evil Into the Lab

Jochen Gebauer Lay Beliefs of Character Shape Character Itself

Brenda McDaniel Structure and Consistency of Character

William Fleeson Does Character Exist?

The Character Project: New Frontiers in Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology